1. I know u can buy a uvc germicidal light from Amazon for 15 bucks hit them if u did have powdery mildew. It's a way to keep ur pots drying out from fans hitting them constant. U hit 1 min a day till mildew/mold gone
    Plus the light will help u see before the mildew gets…can't think of.word top my head…but into the leaf itself so that it spreads through body pf.plant. there is a word for it I'll look it up quick
    Called systamatic… like an infection in human body that becomes septic.
    But yes anyway look into one of these uvc germicidal bulbs from Amazon. Amazon best bet

  2. Love the fans. Its year to year depending on where u are. I'm in ct the last 3 weeks have been 40s at night. Last 2 nights 33 and 35. Just checked 14 day forecast lowest in next 14 days 60 to 65 at night. We haven't had that since middle late august. I'm like u use my mind to make shit work. Loaded mine on a cart put them in garage. Urs to big for that but it I had urs I'd do fans and I'd tarp itself I had to with heaters

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