A lot of promise in cannabis, says former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Kyle Detwiler, Northern Swan CEO, join “Squawk on the Street” to discuss the cannabis industry and the …


  1. Lets be clear here. I was honorable discharge from army with acute arthritis i went to truck driveing and did that all my life smoked weed and had a stellar career in trucking 2 and half million safe miles ebery driveing award various letters of recognition from several states kentucky being one bowling green

  2. There are 2 big questions that need answered when it comes to any new drug. A. How effective is it at curing? And B. How dangerous are the side effects? Cannabis has more of question B answered than any new potential drug to hit the market in a century. It's been in use 100 years by millions of people at quantities ranging from once in a while at parties to Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg. And this is the Cartel stuff. The new medical grade Canadian stuff is much safer. A new drug hasn't hit the open market with this little downside risk and basically all upside benefits in a very long time.

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