First time smoking weed. I know we’ve all been there, getting baked or our first time getting high. Something interesting always happens, not ever a dull moment …


  1. What up KL? It was around 1983 me and my dude had a half a joint and we couldn't fix the paper it was rolled in. So we had to get creative. He stayed overnight at my house, Saturday morning rolled around and we looked around for anything like a pipe to smoke it in. I lived way out in the country and lo and behold we found a deer bone,( the bone marrow was was eaten out, so we thought). We ran home and got a PC of aluminum foil. We made a hole in the bone, stuck the foil in, packed it. And we're saying to each other…"Man were too cool bc were smoking weed out of a bone!!!" Well we thought, I took that first hit, held it in, exhaled and started gagging and throwing up. And my dude is like "is that weed that good"? He's like "Let me hit it, Let me hit it" He hits it and starts gagging and saying "Man, that tastes like SHIT"!!! I said"I KNOW". We had a sick buzz 😷 the rest of the day. So much for our first time smoking!!

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