Adrienne Floreen is smoking marijuana, hash oil, and tobacco in her own front yard! (2019)

Adrienne Floreen smokes a “spliff” containing a mixture of marijuana, hash oil, and tobacco in her own front yard at her home in Humboldt County, California …


  1. Oh & we can purchase nutmeg. ..We used to do someone's shopping for them on a regular basis & he kept asking for nutmeg on his list day Im thinking he's not baking THAT much. Another friend said that you can get high on it but I dont recommend it'll miss you up not in a good way ..but yet it is legal & weed not quite yet.

  2. We have a cannabinoid system & dryer sheets are bad for you. lol. I smoke every day because it's good for me. ;O) Maybe one day I could match you with a spliff. ..I've read too that Frankincense is an anti-depressant ..who knew ? hahaha. Happy Christmas to You & Your Family !!

  3. The drug laws are ridiculous… What started out as suppression of black Americans evolved into a war against the counter culture movements… The drug companies and corporations that own private prisons are now the ones behind the anti drug movements… The drug companies because of the medicinal value of cannabis and the prison corps because they would not be able to fill their cells…

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