An Appeal to All South Dakotans Regarding Medicinal Cannabis IM-26

My name is Laura Jean Pulscher of Dell Rapids, South Dakota, and this is my appeal to all South Dakotans to both research and seriously consider whether or …


  1. I’ve been using medical mj for over 2 years and there’s no question in my mind that it helps in all the ways you mentioned. I don’t like feeling high, so I try to take enough cbd to counteract the thc. It works well. I recently cut my dosage in half for a week to see if my speech improved, and the result was: no improvement in speech, and much more discomfort, more time hanging out with multiple heating pads, more reclusive, less enjoyment of anything, etc. Yesterday I went back to my old regime and I’m already feeling better. Good luck with SD allowing this to pass, I can’t imagine taking this journey without medical MJ.

  2. I have ALS and live in a Recreational/Medical Legal State. I use Marijuana and have seen positive results. It not only increases mood, it also reduces muscles twitching (fasciculations), stops drooling and eases muscle cramps. I use primarily edibles and there's no smell or chance for the falsely feared "contact buzz". South Dakota take notice, I am a productive member of society that worked in Department of Defense and Law Enforcement. I've never even had a ticket. I left my state of North Carolina and traveled thousands of miles as a "marijuana refugee". Allow South Dakotans to stay in South Dakota and trust them to help in their own healing.

  3. Faith is not believing that God can, it is knowing that He will ?

    Keep trusting in the Lord with all of your heart sister ?

    Sorry Sister, I commented before hearing your request to limit the comments… please forgive me.

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