1. That daughter should NEVER be held responsible for her Mom's food addiction. She's guilts her into going with her to Houston with her because she won't get off her butt. You treat me like that…you'd would most definitely be going by yourself. That daughter desperately needs to get away from her mom until she learns how to independent 😒😒

  2. This woman's attitude towards everyone and everything is despicable, she's negative and feels like everyone is bullying her but doesn't realize they're trying to help her, I can't believe even after she got caught doing drugs she said "I don't know what to say because I've never been mistreated like this in my whole life, it's extremely offensive and utterly unfair" then she said Dr.Now is wrong, she's is so blind to her own narcissistic ways. Smh. She's right tho she never gets mistreated at home because everyone enables her and that's being treated right to her. And it's never unfair for her because she always gets her way like a spoiled brat. Smh.

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