August 2019 Organic Outdoor Garden Walk Through

In today’s video I will be showing you my garden this year, covering my setup, as well as the issues I encountered and how I plan on solving them next year.


  1. Good looking plants man but thats the size they should be around June 10 at least. Did you plant late? Also did you happen to plant the seeds outdoors and directly in to that 30 gal pot?

  2. Pure Protein ROCKS! One of the best organic fertilizers on the market. Combine Pure Protein with BioAG Cytoplus, BioAG Ful-Power, Insect Frass and a quality Compost Tea recipe (specifically AACT, Actively Aerated Compost Tea), like Boogie Brew Pro Heavy Harvest, and you can grow some of the most healthy, vigorous and productive plants you've ever seen. I recently found out that Organic AG Products offers a "Bloom Specific" version, called Primo Hydrolysate 5-7-14. So far I've hit my plants with it twice (foliar spray & Tea's) and the bloom sites are starting to form very nicely. Using the products I mentioned above, as well as a few others, we are having the best season we've ever had.

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