1. THE ONLY reason OGI has decent financials is because they have ZERO ambition to go internationally or in the US. If ACB had the same business model. They would have way better financials because ACB has much better products than OGI. The only way OGI will payoff for investors is if they completely dominate the Canadian market. Which will never happen

  2. Thanks Gibbs makes me feel better about ACB that you said you're long on it. Cuz I've been accumulated a lot of ACB lately cuz I think it's so damn affordable. I loaded a lot holding at least couple of years….If it goes up even at $3 US I am super happy….:) Go ACB.!! Go Gibbs.!!

  3. What about Folium Biosciences? How come no one is talking about Aurora Cannabis spinoff doing a reverse gake over of Folium? They're the largest CBD oil extractor in the world, and possibly have an Aurora entrance into the U.S. market. Amazes me how no one discusses this

  4. You are one of the few you tubers who don’t repeat themselves over and over. You may be talking about some of the same stocks but every video is fresh and packed with new information.

    Wondering if you’d be interested in giving your updated opinion on zena. I think it’s been a few month since you cover Zenabis. Thanks !

  5. Lol Aurora SCAMMED anyone who bought their stock in 2019!! Everyone was getting payed off in GOODWILL kickbacks !! No one talks about the class action lawsuit that has been placed against Aurora cannabis!! This kid has been telling people for months that Aurora was the next big thing, people do your own research don't listen to these amateur YouTube gurus!! You played yourself by investing in ACB

  6. You don't need to payback goodwill. Btw. Think of goodwill as a tax write off. As a paper loss. So if you buy a warehouse for 1 million dollars. Next year it's worth 500grand. You don't owe anyone 500 grand. It really sucks for your company that you overpaid but you DO NOT OWE ANYONE any money. Think of Auroras goodwill as just that.

    The good part of good will are that corporations use it to get tax advantages as they become profitable. So they pay less taxes on profits and write off the good will.

  7. Aurora is a simple company. It's a race against itself. How much they are spending vs. How much money is coming in. Kind of like a household. And like most households they have some debt. New industry and start up this very common.

    So from here going forward. Every quarter is the most important quarter. If you spend 120 million every three months you better be bringing in 120 million plus to appease the "analysts", article propaganda specialist and big American banks who saw an opportunity to fleece the idiotic retail investors. And Aurora just happened to be held mostly by retail investors. The sheep were perfect for the fleecing. And they shook the money tree from 15$/share to 2$ to basically steal money from investors. The sharks have nibbled on the weak hands and destroyed the uneducated. They are quite good at this actually. I think most of the meat has been nibbled to bone dust at this point.

    Now here we are. In a weird spot. Edibles are selling out daily . Aurora just needs to survive the next 12 months without doing anything stupid. And prove that they are profitable. And those same sharks will make this stock fly to 100$/share in the next 24 months to 5 years. The timeline is irrelevant. Or impossible to predict.

    That's what I've noticed in the last 2 years. My 2 cents

  8. Could you revisit RavenQuest and share your opinion on the alleged patent infringement? It’s a very promising company if this could get sorted out nicely.

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