Australians Can Now Legally Grow Their Own Marijuana

The Australian minister of Health is looking to legalize marijuana in order to make it more accessible for those who need for medicinal purposes.


  1. if you have a problem with people driving under the influence of marijuana you should kick up the same stink about legal drugs that impair your driving as well, why not test for codeine, valium etc? n00b

  2. We have drug testing done by the police. You have to lick a stick and it finds it all. Pot is the worst because it stays around if you smoke it couple of times a week.

  3. Never been a recorded death from Marajuwana! American AAA came out and said no study to show the effects or long term affects of what has been claimed for years.

  4. All the comments. In Australia it is not legal but decriminalised to grow up to 3 outdoor marijuana plants, though if you are caught growing you will receive a small fine

  5. The policy on drugs is ancient. All drugs should be decriminalized and have criminals turn bankrupt so there can be real factual information about where it comes from, how it's made and what you are putting into your body and also the negative side effects of the drug. Australia have modified their plants to produce very little to no THC in their extracts so the extract does not get you high rather you receive the medicinal benefits much more. The recreational use of marijuana should be as legal as alcohol is today. You would say bye to your god awful drug dealers of which you have no idea what they spray or use in their products and you could buy safely from the government legally and to the exact dosage you require.

  6. Awkward moment when I learned to drive stoned, and the two times i haven't driven stoned in the last 5 years i've been in accidents. Hahahah wha.

  7. the title is completely untrue, austraians can not grow thier own marijuana , but pharmacies can make a synthetic version and lots of money to supply us , even though it can kill you ( FACT )… The Australian Minister For Health is a paid puppet ( Fact )

  8. Medical Cannabis is going to be legal in the next 6 months… it was on the news people… watch it occasionally you might learn something. l live in Queensland and my own Doctor has already told me in a few months he will be able to give me a prescription for the medical cannabis to hopefully finally help me to lead a normal life. and its about bloody time too

  9. Saw the same type vids for the USA but it has been years now and nothing . The elite are fighting it every way they can so good luck . Guess they want the torture to continue …

  10. Unless the people get out in the streets and demand they have the right to grow their own plants for any health condition they have, the government is not going to allow it. They will just allow the drug companies to grow and produce medicine for life threatening health conditions.

  11. this guy doesn't know shit
    , they wont let us smoke it, only through the pharmacy like methadone program putting tincture on your skin, the only place they'll grow it is in government labs, typical of australia fucking shitty country

  12. Give guy break, his not an Aussie, He doesn't know Aussie slang, it is all sound tone of voice recognition. not a written word it is in pronoucing of sound..

    like stabbing sound to our ears. your butchering it.. Arghh lol.. give guy a break 🙂 thou.

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