1. As someone who is Christian and has a chronic physical genetic illness/disability I am really curious about cannabis and Christianity. I never liked pills because they were unnatural and never helped and pain killers were addictive. I understand the verses say such as keeping a sober mind. I find that I do not like sativa as it more affects your brain whereas indica effects your body. I don't think Jesus agrees with smoking marijuana at all but sometimes I think maybe he is okay with it being used as a topical and prefers we use indica however I could be very wrong. I also feel God would rather us use something natural like a plant instead of chemically produced pills that cause addictions and dangerous side affects. I usually always try to go to God first for healing with anything I don't even like the idea of going to the doctor for help at times because I know Jesus and the holy spirit heals. Sometimes I think God doesn't heal me because there is a bigger purpose in my illness. Just as he says some people were created blind or with disabilities not because they were cursed but they were blessed because God could show his strength and power through them. So if God decides I am to live with this illness forever I feel like he wouldn't mind me managing the pain with cannabis instead of going back to pain killers and becoming addicted. God doesn't like to see anyone in pain or suffering.

  2. Jesus smoked some weed with me and my friend. It didn't get us high. Probably CBD, so I guess that don't count. I don't know if he gets high, don't think so. He is very funny and cool. He does an imitation of you when he mets you, and it's funny.

  3. Those touched by the holy anointing oil of Jesus would have smelled strongly of cannabis, easy to find his followers and supplicants. And those who were making the oil, the apostles, would be very familiar with all of its uses, and smell strongly of it. Jesus, he's a hard guy to miss, and the currently reigning Pharaoh and Kings and members of government, we know their proclivity for the use of drugs for recreation. These folks loved cannabis so much they were buried with it and a pipe with which to smoke it. Maybe Jesus was muscling in on their racket and they didn't want the competition.

  4. I dont smoke it, but use oil or eat it .
    If u belive god created the haven and the earth, hemp/cannabis is his creation too.
    I thank Jesus for this great gift that helps me more, then alm the other medicin abe pills from the docter did All together .

  5. I believe that it is a gift from God to us humans for use in medical ways and purposes. It has helped me with much pain I suffer from after a near death car wreck in January 2010. This plant helps with my pain, appetit and helping with my seizures. Just legalise it worldwide

  6. I have heard Christians who will drink a few drinks say that smoking weed is different because you can control how buzzed you get, but not how high you get. Yet most of those Christians are comparing their experiences drinking as a Christian with smoking weed before they were a Christian. Of course there will be a difference. They smoked weed before Christ only to get stoned, just like they probably drank before Christ to get drunk. However, there are possible ways of smoking/eating weed without getting stoned.

    There was a time when a bunch of my family members were passing a blunt around. I took one single hit and then passed it. I felt a very mild effect similar to having one beer. I could tell there was a slight buzz, it had a calming effect. I don't suffer from physical pain so I cannot comment on that, but it did relieve stress and social anxiety. It did not inhibit my ability to think clearly, pray, or share the Gospel with people. It did not get me couch-locked, nor give me paranoia. Furthermore, I had in that moment a strong sense of gratitude towards God for creating a plant that can have these positive effects when used in moderation.

    Also the inebriating effects of THC can be dimmed down by accompanying it with CBD, so someone that smokes Weed and Hemp together will get less high, similarly to drinking water along with alcoholic beverages. Or someone that takes CBD oil or edibles along with a weed edible/THC oil can also control it that way. There are also strains that have a balance of THC and CBD like Mango Haze for example, so it provides more of a slight buzz rather than being straight up stoned.

    There are times when I have taken a thc edible along with a cbd edible and then went on a walk around my forest. When the edible kicked in, it had a mild effect on the brain, I definitely was a little buzzed but I was not stoned in the sense that I was not in control of my thoughts and actions. I was thinking clearly and still remembered everything. It had a very positive effect on my journey with the Lord. My experienced heightened senses and awareness. I was noticing every tree, and hearing every bird singing, smelling every fragrance. I was reminded of the majesty of our Creator when so clearly seeing His creation. I walked around for about 45 minutes just praising God in words, singing, dancing, and humming.

    I believe it can be used to the glory of God when used for medicinal purposes and/or when used recreationally in moderation. And to me, I believe moderation is not just how much you use at one time, but also how often you use it. There are Christians who drink a beer every day. I don't think they are sinning, but I think some of their thankfulness to God is lost in it because it isn't enjoyed as much (for most people) if it is a normal routine. In the same way, I think if someone smokes or eats just a little weed every day to where they are just getting a slight buzz from it without getting stoned, I think it's permissible but probably also takes away some of the enjoyment from it, and therefore can take away the appreciation someone has to God for it.

  7. BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST….PLEASE PRAY FOR ME….I am 24…from NZ where almost everyone smokes…I grew up around it…around people associated with it…battling ptsd/suicide from a super young age and now being a mother and living with CPTSD and FAIBROMALYGIA…I self medicate by smoking…I've felt the conviction…prayed again and again…nothing else brings me relief minus my faith in the Lord and weed…I'm struggling to stop…I dont go CRAZY without it..I'm not a fiend (feen)…but please help me I dont wanna be left behind :'(

  8. This dude is so historically misinformed. He really needs to do studies in Biblical Greek and Hebrew and in New Testament/early church history before making any of the claims he has. Check out Fringepop321's videos on the canon of the new testament and on the Gnostic gospels for those who are interested.

  9. I believe weed should be legal… I smoked when I was younger.. but now days it blows my mind!!! I believe weed has a miracle effect!! But my Lord Jesus using it??? I don’t believe it!! But if he did then it wasn’t the only thing he used… he is the son of God!!!

  10. Orthodox Christian here, roman catholicism is not the source origin of Christianity. Orthodox Christianity is. We still use Chrism for Chrismation which all undergo immediately after baptism. I do believe it is possible and likely that it is true what you are saying concerning cannabis and Jesus using healing oil aka Chrism. I dont think the Chrism today contains cannabis but who knows maybe it use to. Ultimate healing comes from the Holy Spirit.

  11. Jesus actually did say that he was Christ but whatever. Edit: there are major fallacies with what your saying. “Jesus never preformed a baptism” ? Seriously? Don’t make videos on things you know nothing about. Edit #2: the Dead Sea scrolls weren’t found by an Egyptian digging for fertilizer in a cave. You should have named this video “how many lies can I tell in six minutes”

  12. “Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even two hundred and fifty shekels, and of sweet calamus two hundred and fifty shekels, And of cassia five hundred shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin: And thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil.”
    ‭‭Exodus‬ ‭30:23-25‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    Anyone see canaboso?
    I think this guy is a Cani-bozo

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