Back in Black – New Laws Debuting in 2019 | The Daily Show

Lewis Black highlights some notable new state laws, which include a new marriage age in New Hampshire and a crackdown on emotional support animals in …


  1. How many more years do we have without this old dog (Saint Bernard) becoming our next president?
    Bernie would literally change the lives of billions of people for the better.

  2. If you fly with Tap (Portugal Flag Company, if you didnt know…(know, you know)) your pets will die. No doubt. – "Tap, we are the Pet Spirit Airline of the skies…"

  3. why do the republicans try to gain my support I hate them and religion and they act like they own religion. Because the way they think we are all trash who will infect the queen of England in 1641. even now, what a joke, not worth the punch line; thank you, jim jones

  4. I just love you Mr. black, and i most always agree with you, but – writing in cursive is an excellent brain exercise. It's good for hand – eye coordination! It builds brain maps for shape and form! It builds our ability to configure and understand puzzles! There's more but also how will anyone be able to read our hand written history! I wrote stories on an old computer – my next computer couldn't read them so I had them translated to newer flat disc! My next computer couldn't read that either and I couldn't find anyone to translate the older disc – stories are lost! Music used to be on records —!? That's just in the last 20 years and yet – I found a lost letter from 100 years ago and i can read it!
    "Cursive" – good stuff!!!

  5. Will there ever be a day where everything that should be legal is legal and everything that should be illegal is illegal? Of course not, because then we wouldn’t need lawmakers anymore. Their job exists to make laws and they will make them even if we don’t need them in order to keep their jobs.

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