1. Sick of people talking about reverse racism, the meaning of racism has nothing to do with being black or white, it's just about discrimination. No such thing as reverse racism.

  2. I went to Morehouse class of 97. We had one white student who was vp of one of the classes. We also had a white dude who played football. That white dude got more Spelman ass then any of us. And get this, the muthafucka was a cool guy. He didn’t try too hard to fit in. He wasn’t virtue signaling. Just a cool dude making A’s, playing ball, and laying out 10s.

  3. This school is racist… The people interviewed I mean. …. Safe space? What is this? I choose freedom to choose, instead of losing my freedom for safe space. Lol. It's a joke..safe space.

  4. White ppl coming to that school id think ppl should be happy cause it says alot about the school.
    This means more white ppl can understand the struggle, and the unity Will grow.
    America needs that
    I think that its a shame that this is even an issue, and that its still so segregated and racist that this is needed.
    But this white boy can teach other white ppl about the positive black
    That can only be a good thing.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m confused as to why they’re talking about black people/non-white people at a disadvantage when it comes to applying for colleges. At least where I’m from, colleges want minorities. Non-white people get scholarship money just because of their race because colleges want to diversify and a non-white student will be much more preferred over a white one. This is true also when applying for programs in high school that will get you scholarships in college, these programs. I’m just wondering if it’s different in other states or something (I’m from Kentucky).

  6. Growing up, the area I lived in had Asian, White and Black people so for me its easy to see that race has nothing to do with who someone is, everyone is different because we are all conscious, we change with our experiences, there are horrible people from all races and very kind and loving people from all races so lets all stop being so stupid n lets all start judging people from the content of their character rather than what colour they are. Only stupid people can be racist in my view.

  7. Naturally is right now very Popular to be wanna be black
    Look at music industry it's all hip hop rap locat movies It's all black people victim and white people are the horrible ones I'm Russian American I been hated here in America for 22 years I been almost killed few times for just a sticker Russian flag at the bumper I've been shot at by African Americans I been fake Lee accused and put in in jail for nothing I did by African Americans and all because I was white Russian I think Russian Americans the most discriminated and hated people in United States

  8. This guy is such a hypocrite this white guy he should have say no I don't feel like I belong here he should have say I feel like a been discriminated but he have no balls to do that to say that because he know he will be hated for so he become a little bitch

  9. Yeah this needs to change we are all humans race doesn't matter. Those people who cling to that segregation only create racial tension honestly. Fear of exposure to something that will not only make you a better person but a more understandable and clear minded person.

  10. When you’ve been ostracized and not welcomed into spaces because of your race… definitely do the exact same thing and ostracize others for their race and don’t welcome them into your spaces. Makes sense…

  11. He just needs to initiate a change in funding resources, without having to represent the taking in of non-traditional students as one. We NEED to preserve some ALL black safe spaces in education. Sorry "John" and "Jane" doe.

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