1. Not everyone that smokes or uses pot does it on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, some people use it 3-4 times a year. Shouldn’t those be people you mention as much as you mention people that use it “non stop”

  2. I think that one interesting fact is that the majority of people who claim weed is a gate way drug don't think about other gateway substance that are legal. I know manny people personally who use cocaine, heroin, acid, prescription pills, ect… and all of them have smoked weed, but the interesting thing is that all of them tell me that they were trying to escape there reality, that might be there home life or crime in there area or they were just depressed. they all say that the first time they tried a numbing substance was in there teens and it was alcohol. not a single one of them smoked before they started drinking and all of them continue to drink with the other various drugs they use but only one of them still smokes weed and they have told me on several occasions that it is only because they are trying to quit using heroin. i believe that weed is no more a gateway drug than cigarets and alcohol, and has much more benefit to its legalization than alcohol and cigarettes.

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