Best Oil Vape Pen & Vapes by HoneyStick How To Chose Best Oil Vaporizer & Oil Cartridge

The Best Oil Vape Pen- Have you ever had trouble deciding what is the best Oil Vape pen for you? What is the Best Vape pen for your lifestyle or what is …


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  2. I will never pay to ship a product that I purchase online. I will not pay taxes than the online shipping charge. I will use my Prime membership or my favorite Big Box online store that offers free shipping.

  3. The dumb retards just lost a sale. They don't know how to market their own products. I was going to buy the Elf Auto Draw Conceal Oil Vaporizer SKU: H048 until I saw the shipping charge. The Dumb owner must be smoking his or her own product or outright stupid. They never heard this before adding $5.00 to the cost and then say free shipping and you dumb ones can then classify the shipping as an expense and pay fewer taxes at the end of the year. I literally went to the biggest online store and bought an auto-draw device and got free 3-day shipping not 1/2 hour ago and then came back here to give this video a thumbs down.

  4. hey thanks man for acknowledging that yeah some of us sick bastards that try and pay for lymphoma out of our pocket and don't have no medical insurance ,take budget as a very important determining Factor on purchases.

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