Best Weed Environment for pH, Humidity, Temperature – Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips

Learn the best weed environment for growing weed indoors. This lesson covers the basics of soil pH for weed, the perfect temperature, and humidity for growing …


  1. Your audio track gives the correct planting depth of 3-6 mm, but the slide shows 3-6 cm. With all the comments on this video, I am sure someone has mentioned this before but it doesn't hurt to have the comment repeated. Excellent video. Thanks!

  2. When you buy seeds do they tell you optimal temperature and humidity for that species? Also any good ideas for type of plant easy for beginners but decent enough that a weed lover will enjoy! I’m planning on growing for myself but I wouldn’t mind letting a friend or two enjoy a free smoke! 😆

  3. When it comes to temperature and humidity I’m planning on growing in my basement which is a little cooler (temp around 70) and more humid (around 70%) I have a dehumidifier and could adjust that but I’m concerned that if my LED lights don’t warm it up I don’t really want to use a heater! Do you think I’ll be ok with that temp and humidity (knowing I can adjust the humidity when needed)?

  4. When the light is off should you turn off all fans? I am getting an in line fan with a carbon filter and also a clip fan to blow the air around but do they need either when the light is off? Thanks in advance

  5. I like cartoons LOL you make it very simple with the diagrams. It's so releaving actually listening to someone get straight to the point. Not some Stoner trailing off about his or her specific grow. Thank you

  6. Love your channel dude, but the fourbudz equipement isnt that great 360 Par output at 24" for their LED thats pretty horrible considering you need 900-1500 to mimic the sun. There are tonnes of companies out there that have leds in that range

  7. Brasil mesmo ilegal consumimos bilhões em produtos de cannabis , não é hipocrisia é geopolítica , nosso país do existe pra sustentar vcs ai acima do muro , aproveitem

  8. As your information, conditions are good for Indica or Sativa cannabis. Could you specify them. if growing in south east asia countries that is warm zone,which cannabis (Sativa or Indica) should be select to growing in low investment of temp and humidity control?

  9. In Veg, you should be using something more than 2-1-6 Bro. That is for flower. The first number is Nitrogen, that should be higher than the rest due to the plant needing this for growth, that is what the veg state does,GROW! In Flower, bring that NPK number to 2-1-6 weening off the Nitrogen as you go until you have just the last number. That is the correct way!

  10. So listen inside a home natural Co2 levels are higher I grow in my room and my co2 is at around 600ppms naturally out doors depending on area its around 350 to 400 ppms could my temps you think be slightly elevated an be less stressful in flowering if my temps hit 80°F they dont wilt or anything theyre always perky and i try my hardest to keep my temps below 80°F in the day time humidity is at 35% to 48%
    I grow in coco botanicare and botanicare nuits my plants do reek like a sweet mess of sour an earthy lemony flavours and I just started week 3 of flower

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