BEWARE! Marijuana Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms (EASY FIXES) – 30 Day Weed/THC Detox

Most Common Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms (MAY SURPRISE YOU!) BEWARE Marijuana Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms (EASY FIXES) – 30 Day Weed …


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    What withdrawal symptom do you struggle with the most?


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  2. Thanks bro. Been smoking weed everyday since I was 17. Turning 23 tomorrow and bought a ticket to Turkey for 3 weeks to detox my body. Leaving next week for that. Wish me luck mate 🙏🏼

  3. marijuana is NON-ADDICTIVE and non -lethal, so if you are having withdrawl its from something else…probably sugar as it is extremely addictive and harmful and sugar has serious withdrawl symptoms!!!! THC binds directly to receptors and is not stored to be used later like an opiod does. THC mimics the natural cannabinoid called anandamide, that your endocannabinoid system makes on its own. (anandamide is responsible for the "runner's high' you may experience after strenuous exercise, it is known as the bliss molecule.) Nowhere in the history of history has there been a recorded case of overdose or addiction.

  4. I'm 72 hours sober. I can't sleep but I still have energy, so weird, no appetite, boredom. I'm not really having cravings though, just dealing with the nega symptoms. I am slightly more irritable, but not too much. Thanks for the tips

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