1. I got this vape work pretty well for me because I can charge it on my lab top my phone usb block and my portable battery and my car usb and is easy to hide because my wife hates vaping she think vaping is gay .

  2. I got mine from a company called lizard juice. They sent me a small bottle of random flavored juice but it came in 0mg nicotine so I immediately had to buy some but I mean hey it was only around $11

  3. I need new pods but I have no money on my debit card and no stores around me even know what it is 😂 I was trying to figure out if I needed salt nic juice or what and the dude was like “ what the hells that, dude have you ever seen one of these?” “No”

  4. I know this comment is coming super late, but I just got my 2nd Boulder, the first was purchased right when they came out and after having it again I came to the same conclusion. They’re great for a starter vape, or a back up just like you said, but for a “heavy vaper” like myself I feel like the pods life is too short. Within a couple days I can already notice the flavor dropping faster and faster and definitely by the fourth day it’s time for a new one. I force myself to use a pod for 7 days before changing, but that’s pushing it to its max (with me personally) I just usually use my Mi Pod and keep my Boulder in my pocket as a back up:) Great review bud👊🏼

  5. I have been ALL around the vape bend. From pens, to larger vaporizers, to pods. I can say that this is my definitive vaporizer. The sleek and simple charger BUILT IN to the pen is brilliant. It's CHEAP, not just the unit, but the salt nics as well. And it hits well. Well done Boulder. Well done.

  6. Can't beat the price I paid. My local vape shop had a deal. If you traded in your JUUL and buy e-juice you get the the Boulder for free. Needless to say I did it.

    While I have only had it about an hour or two I have no regrets. Considering the Mango JUUL pods tasted like crap.

    Now I have Custard Cookie. Again no regrets.

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