1. I would have preferred a man to make this video. So be a good boy and don't rock the boat and provide for your family at a shit job even if they don't respect you. Walter lived more in those few years than his entire life.

  2. Its so weird how when i watched breaking bad for the first time, i always felt that he did change throughout the series, but after finishing the show and then rewatching it from the beginning, i saw things in his character in a completely different way that made me think like ya, you know what, i can totally see this kind person do the crazy shit he ends up doing, like even moments that were insignificant or subtle, whereas the first time watching it, i kept thinking things like wow i cant believe this guy really did that or man hes in way over his head, hes not capable of going through with this.. Like after watching it from beginning to end, when i look back on it im like no, he didnt BECOME heisenberg, he always WAS heisenberg.. So weird and crazy how that works

  3. Walter always struck me as being one of those quiet, two-faced people who masquerade as being “good”, “polite”, or “mild-mannered” yet are perfectly capable of saying or doing very bad things so long as they know they won’t have to face the consequences

  4. Skyler White has been holding him back since they got together. And Walt being diagnosed with terminal cancer, unleashed the inner beast. A beast Skyler helped create.

  5. This is me (kinda). I try always to be calm, forgiving, lenient, inattentive, and kind to others because the real me is a mean, unforgiving, scheming, very self-centered narcissist.

    The only problem is I’m a woman and can’t really do much about my inaction. I wish in my next life (if there is one) I’ll be reborn as a man. 🤭🤣

  6. I just ended the series and I feel bad because even though walt was no good to begin for, at the beginning he looked lovely, like full of love for his family you know? and remained like that until the end but its the decisions he made that made him ended up like that, that's what makes me sad, how even in the end he yearned for company and he lost the one single thing he wanted and protected the most at all costs, fhe company of his family

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