Breaking NEWS: Chickamauga Carp INVASION Begins

invasivespeciesalert #Chickamauga #Nevergiveup OH God NO!!! Breaking News from local Channel 9 says that the Asian “Silver Carp” have made their way …


  1. Not good. Cohabit? They are voracious eaters. Out eat bass, catfish, small mouth. Spots can flip a large mouth lake in ten + years. Silver carp are so much better eaters. Future is not sunny. Look at the other lakes with asian carp. They are here and not leaving on their own. Do you know anywhere that asian carp were eliminated or held in check? THE ANSWER IS NO. This is the worst news.

  2. My question has always been how were they controlled before they came here? When they were in China were they a problem or did something keep them controlled? If so what was it?

  3. Hire 5 or more commercial fishermen (paid for by your leading fishing industries) – they have more to lose monetarily speaking than anyone. Have them work full time targeting these junk fish. We may not be able to completely get rid of them, but we have to find a way to contain the problem. Great information man. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

  4. I see a lot of people commenting on the conditions here on Ky lake.
    This lakes decline is not just about the Asian carp problem.
    There are several factors at work here.
    #1. TVA. We have lost at least 2 year class of bass spawning due to TVA dropping water during the spawn.
    2. Loss of habitat.
    We have lost 95% of all grass in the lake.
    3. Asian carp.
    Overloading the biomass making it harder for smaller fish to survive.
    4. Fishing pressure.
    All the tournaments have done this lake no favors over the last 10 years.
    IMHO……These 4 factors have combined to cause the perfect storm here on Ky lake.
    We will recover sooner or later(I hope)

  5. It will definitely hurt bass fishing in all the TVA lakes. How much it remains to be seen. The Illinois river is loaded with them but still fishable as long as you don’t get nailed by one. Maybe this is the great equalizer? Why have a 250hp if chances are good ,you are going to get nailed by one of these? . Live scope and 360 , will it will be difficult to tell one type of fish from another?

  6. I hate to say this, but this goes beyond the communities this issue with the carp has to go right to congress to get the price of the carp to be put up to like 10 cents a pound that's the only way you will see the numbers drop. I do not live near you bassquest I'm from Canada and this breaks my heart to see chick and Kentucky like this both places are on my bucketlist I do hope that they get it straighten out

  7. My uncle is a tug boat captain. And I have 6 family members that work on commercial vessels as Merchant Marine's. Most aquatic invasive species come not from just swimming up the river chain thru dams or locks. These tugs and barges go thru the lakes during spawning time periods, go thru the locks with water from one body of water on board, then farther upstream or downstream they empty this water. Fry end up in holding tanks, ballasts, and other water retaining areas of the tugs, barges, ships and other boats. Unknowingly upstream they bilge the water out of these retention areas, and fry are set loose on a new body of water. It takes a long time for it to affect the new body of water as a small # actually survive this process and grow without being injured, eaten, or actually being released in the same area to eventually find a mate and finally spawn. Then enough time for them to mature and repeat the process has to take place, and finally one to be noticed or caught. Anyone remember the goby situation. It is believed to this day they got into the great lakes from the ballast of a European ship. There needs to be some sort of mandatory filtration system on water as it goes into these tanks, and also on any pump as it sends any water out of a ship, boat, barge, or tug into any water source. Fry when first hatched are so small they can even go thru the mesh filter screens on our live well intakes This is how they can jump up steam and skip several other lakes. I fish Chick and we can all help, just like snakeheads, they need to be eradicated on sight. Even if all Carp were removed via a pellet, it would be better to do that and restock native Carp, then to loose the entire fishery.

  8. It is a double whammy for Ky lake and Barkley with both the
    Asian carp invasion and the grass disappearing since 2013.

    There are reports of thousands of grass carp in the lakes since 2015 ,
    so any effort to get grass growing again won’t help.

    I planned to buy a lake house there , but now I doubt if I ever go back.

  9. Go to a FB called FAAC(fishermen against Asian carp)
    A lot of good updated information about AC and fight against them.
    I live on Ky lake (Paris landing) and understand your predicament.

  10. I live on Illinois River. I think the bass are healthier now the eat the small ones. The carp still suck. Would rather not have them. In 4’ of water or less they will be in your boat.

  11. They were abundant in the Arkansas river when i lived there in 90 to 93. But the bass fishing there was still good. Thats where my current PB came from and many other bass over 5 lb. my PB was 8.44. I am still waiting kn the double digit. I hope they dint adversely affect our lake. .

  12. Thanks for speaking on this. I would suggest bounty tournaments funded from increased license revenue

    Raise the licensing for out of staters and pay a company to harvest them and feed the hungry or critters or make fertilizer.

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