1. Recently, I halted my alcohol use. After years of enjoying martini’s and scotch and red wine I just had to stop. Now at 55, it’s just too hard on my body, mind and soul. It gets in the way of my life of early morning swims, biking and yoga or time with my friends and family. I have never had a good experience with marijuana. It makes me feel anxious, quiet and I find time is fast and then slows down. However, I just purchased some CBD oil. I mentioned to the clerk about my experience with smoking pot. She said it was far too strong for me. I asked if there is something more gentle?She gave me the lowest THC pot. You know, I’ve never used the word ‘mellow’, because I have never experienced it as an emotion, but I have to say I tried this stuff and I felt completely mellow. No time discrepancies, no paranoia. I can carry on a conversation and be jovial and engaged in what the person is saying. I’m not a smoker, so I find that aspect difficult so I don’t use it that much. It’s just good for a little chat in the garden with a good friend on a sunny day. Try it again Brian, but ask for the lowest THC level. Or don’t. Drugs are not really that necessary, especially for a man like yourself.

  2. It is not legal outright but is accessible for medical purposes in Australia but only from limited dispensories and the roll out has been slow. People who suffer from pain which could be alleviated through cbd oil use for example, are still suffering unecessarily or are forced to go through the risk of imprisonment dealing with criminals and gaining criminal records. If you can help press the Australian government to legalize it they are ridiculously slow.

  3. I cant stand people who says that smoking weed is healthy. I dont give a fck if you smoke weed just dont spread bullshit. Its a drug that makes you feel better and you get addicted to it ! I cant deny health benefits of cannabis, but come on for fuck sake inhaling smoke is not healthy in any way. If someone has to get "high" to feel better, to me that person is nothing but drug addict. And by the way enjoy killing your manliness – testosterone.

  4. Annibus has helped me to overcome Tourette’s syndrome and bipolar disorder. Cannibus has been my holy sacrament using it every day
    Love&Light. ALLONE!

  5. Drink just kills thats why its legal .
    We do not need to educate anyone who takes Cannabis , it opens us up , that is beyond any second hand opinion form others .
    Adventure is in short supply these days , Adventure can not be tought

  6. I hope he remembers me visiting his seminar at temple gym, I gave him a joint he laughed and shook my hand and said thanks man I've been waiting for one of these all day, my idol and hero

  7. If it doesn’t grow from the ground, I don’t get down! Thanks for being you Brian! You’re a beautiful soul! Love and light to all!🙏🏻💚🌎💫☝🏼😇🌈⭐️

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