Can I Buy A Gun If I Have A Medical Marijuana Card?

In this video we will be going over the Federal Law that states why you are unable to purchase a firearm if you have an existing medical marijuana card. Per the …


  1. First off we the silent majority! Fuck laws use your human rights as me saying you are free person. Get out there and let your neighbors know to stop complying with bullshit legislature!

  2. I have watched the whole video, but i have not seen you mention what happens if you have canceled your marijuana card. You me tioned expired,but not what happens if you cancel. Are you then able(once canceled) to get a permit or even purchase firearms?

  3. I lost a great job, when I admitted I had smoked Marijuana 15 years earlier.
    Permanent Federal disqualification, (I was told by the certifying official " no one says yes")
    Once you get a card, you can't unring that Bell.

  4. Interesting video. I've been doing research on this very issue for a while now and I can tell you there are a ton of variables. First of all, how willing is one to lie on the ATF form? Obviously many, many people do; not only in regard to the marijuana question but also with regard to the alcohol question as well. I'm sure there are many gun owners who consider themselves diehard conservatives and regard people who use marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes as "stoner liberal fucktards" or whatever that have no problem lying about their (much, much more debilitating) alcohol and pain med issue/s on the ATF form. This is the narrow-minded and hypocritical faction of firearm owners and enthusiasts. These are the people that cry foul at /any/ attempt to regulate firearms no matter how logical and rational that attempt may be, but they don't care in the least if a "stoner hippy's" right to bear arms is infringed so long as their drunk asses can still own one.
    I digress. It should be noted that one is still lying on the ATF form if they don't have a MMJ card, or if they surrendered one, but still continue to use marijuana in the recreational sense. As long as marijuana is a controlled substance at the federal level, smoking it and also owning a firearm is illegal. So, you're not really getting around anything by not obtaining your MMJ card so as to avoid showing up on a MMJ registry; if you still smoke, you're still going to have to lie on the ATF form. The only way to legally own or purchase a gun is to not smoke marijuana at all or to eventually get the federal laws to change regarding the classification of marijuana.
    Finally, I disagree that the MMJ registries of various states and ATF forms will be cross referenced. We have HIPAA laws in this country that protect people's medical information, and certain states where medical marijuana is now legal have already amended their state constitutions to further protect a patient's rights where HIPAA is concerned.
    It remains a messy situation overall though. Ultimately, it'll remain a messy situation until marijuana is decriminalized at the federal level. Until then, only alcoholics in denial and pain medication addicts can safely enjoy the freedom of the 2nd Amendment that was written for us all, and at a time when the Framers clearly farmed as used hemp and marijuana for a variety of uses.

  5. So I spoke with a mmj doctor and staff about this. Hypothetically, IF a person already has a concealed carry and at the time when they filled out the form to get it… that person was NOT using medical marijuana nor did they have a mmj card. So they did nothing wrong when getting their conceal carry in the first place. BUT then say later on…they get the mmj card….on that application it does not ask about guns(from what I understand) so it is all OK. The doc office also told me the govt does not cross reference that info. BUT if you have your mmj card THEN decide to buy a new gun….that is where one MAY run into a problem because they said the background check for that is different. So that is my understanding from what the mmj doc office told me and that is what was told to them in some type of meeting they had in January 2019.

  6. I’m going to state the obvious this is the most ridiculous ruling known to man. You can take Benzos, opioids and get drunk while having your gun permit but you can’t have a marijuana license. This makes no sense at all.

  7. 28 comments? Is no one watching, have nothing to say, or just don't care? It is a misdemeanor in many places for small quantities of illegal marijuana meaning can still own/buy a firearm. Yet register lawfully for state card for same quantity and you are automatic felon with no due process required by constitution. And we're talking about medicine. Nevermind the terrible THC has been rescheduled and approved by DEA/FDA twice, in 1980's and again 2017. Forget the US Dept of Health has patented medical marijuana for medical use claiming medical value and benefit. While DEA and congress insist it has none. They are not doctors or scientists. Forget marijuana was legal over 160 years, USP listed medicine from 1850. When FDA was created 1906, it adopted the USP as official compendium of medicine under federal law, marijuana had been listed 56 years. It continued to me FDA listed in the adopted USP for another 31 years until outlawed for no reason having to do with medical issues. FDA listed another 5 years until removed from USP in 1942. The truth is, following repeal of failed alcohol prohibition, the Dept of Treasury overseeing alcohol prohibition need something else to prohibit to secure their bureaucratic jobs. Harry Anslinger, appointed head of new Dept of Narcotics in 1930's by an uncle of his wife, to secure his job which he held until 1962. Anslinger proposed banning marijuana for purely racist reasons. Claiming abuse by mexicans and blacks he called "degenerate races" claiming it caused violent behavior despite evidence it did not. Ignoring doctors and the American Medical Association who said it should not be outlawed as medicine. Anslinger was able to get his law targeting blacks and minorities passed by an old white congress during a time when such laws against blacks was not uncommon. In 1969, the 1937 tax act outlawing marijuana was overturned by Supreme Court as unconstitutional. Suddenly new law and policy was needed to restore and maintain the illegality. Richard Nixon, on record here on You Tube expressing his racist anti black views, demanded tough new law to use against black civil rights protesters and antiwar hippies because of their counterculture association with drug use. Nixon, set up and funded a special commission to draft new drug laws and policy. Then disregarded his special Schafer Commission when it recommended marijuana not be criminalized. Nixon demanded tough new laws and got exactly that when his DEA administration established the schedule 1 war on drugs. Outlawing marijuana, even as medicine, not because of any legitimate medical or scientific study or reasoning. By administrative policy under law, imposing arbitrary classification. Those are the racist reasons for political and personal gain that millions of americans have been arrested, persecuted, incarcerated, and above all denied medicine.

    Now the government has manipulated this into a method by which to further deny constitutional rights. States knowingly advancing their agenda, anti-gun liberals bankrolling state initiatives to 'legalize' medical marijuana, without informing voters of the true ramifications.

    States requiring registration for medical marijuana, purposely establish the database used by federal authorities to deny firearm purchases. No database registration, no searchable means for denial. The 2nd amendment issue does not exist in states re-allowing recreational use, having no registration database. While the entire issue could easily be resolved, simply and immediately, by Congress or administratively by DEA merely rescheduling marijuana as already done with THC. Changing a single classification number from 1, to 2 or 3.

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