1. I am sorry to hear of Mr. Lametti's mother. It isn't fair to have lost someone in the manner that he did and they say life isn't fair but heck, that doesn't change the fact that circumstances were what they were. With all due respect however, his predecessor as Justice Minister passed an unconstitutional, unbalanced, and purposefully discriminatory law the first time with medical assistance in dying. My wife has been trying to access a medically assisted dearh for over 2 years now. She is in extreme pain. It's unforgivable how you've supported a bill like this for as long as you have, knowing full well the trauma it has caused to families of loved ones who have suffered and/or taken their own lives.

  2. Ya right this is the kind of crap we should be focusing on.. Hey how about you guys report some real news and issues in our country. You always come off as the mouth piece for liberal agendas, are you in on the media buy out by chance? .. Oh oops "bail out" lol

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