Cannabis and Big Pharma

Dr. Ethan Russo on 3 echelons of cannabis commerce: pharmaceutical development, standardized cannabis supplements and artisanal production. Peaceful …


  1. the old landraces aprove and confirm point 1-3 since decades ! The manufacturing f.e. marroco ..afghanistan ..libanon..india etc….are also a part of a culture which should be protected. Accessibility would also be given by just ending the prohibition . Legalize the blackmarket and give the middleeast a chance. Pharamcy and a new order of this market …an economic and commercial takeover of this market excluding and criminalizing the nameless growers in the middle east aint necessary ? Connected with western knowledge and mixed with culture is of course a challenge…but is it about ? …and why not ?

  2. And lastly there is no possible way of standardizing cannabis. Every single seed the genetics can be different any change in you environment lighting light spectrum change in nutrients all plans in what the end product and cannabinoid content is. Just because this 1 plant produced 25%thc doesn't mean a plant from the same batch will produce that same exact cannabinoid content or even the same terpene profile

  3. Because the pharmaceutical company and GW pharmaceutical synthesized the cannabinoid and into a oralspary that also has now more sever side effects then actually using just the plant itself. Same with marinol. Tobacco is actually not as harmful for you either if you smoke the dried cured unprocessed leaf… its after it goes the the tobacco companies that it is alter and sparyed with all those toxic chemicals and carcinogens…. i will never support pharmaceutical companies making cannabis products or Synthesized versions… the money of those corporations need to stay out of it they will poison it

  4. Well all pharmaceutical medicine breaks your first 2 pillars not a single medicine the pharmaceutical companies make that doesn't have some form of detrimental effects.. second safety??? Really? That's why every pharmaceutical drug put out that is FDA approved may also have a side effect of death…. get the fuck out of here with that shit

  5. Love this positivity towards mainstream cannabis culture because the experts will be the artisans and they will have their own businesses and have economic sustainability.

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