1. Hi Mudflap, just came across your video and was interested in the cream that you said smells like Vicks Vaporub that you purchased here in Toronto. I am a very healthy person but for some arthritis in my hip and have been researching different topical applications. I 've never used Marijuana in any form so I suppose I'd have to take it slow. I'm not interested in vaping or smoking.

    I've even considered making my own since I would qualify for an Rx and permit to use Medical Marijuana. Did you say that it's difficult to get the creams now that the dispensaries are closed – even for Medical Marijuana? Where would you suggest I get the Vicks cream? Thanks for any information you can provide.

  2. Right on with the video bud. I too never recall when St. Paddy's day is.. Don't really partake in the celebrations as most would, but as you say if I realize I do make an effort to make it extra green! No food coloring required! I've actually had a couple conversations with people who've claimed similar "We don't have school shootings in Canada/over here/Ontairo" but it's just not true, although Quebec is more the hot-spot and most instances are in the past; there was a shooting not too far from me three days ago at Quinte Secondary School that was used as distraction for a bank robbery. The Montreal Massacre you might remember (before my time) started in a university, Concordia University massacre in 92' , Dawson College in 06' (I'm not crazy I just did a paper on this in school). Violence is unfortunately everywhere, and although we accept everyone here that doesn't mean that they'll accept each other. At least there has been a push for security in such places in that; and if there were to be any benefit it is in that business is business. At least you were moving product and even in that it was to make our schools a better, safer place; not just an office building etc. etc.

    Good time as always, cheers bud!

  3. Nice looking bud bud…cheers… I wish i could help ya out on the B.C. school system but being a fossil i can't help you out its been a minute….PTFO…oh oh good shot of booger town…..lol

  4. Hey Mudflap!!…..excellent explanation of how cannabis works on pain……if i didn't have cannabis my body would not function like I need it to…..i am going to try and locate a cream…..i could really use it……….cheers, buddy….thx for the awesome vids, man……=]

  5. Nice,I buy Kush cremes for my 71 year old friend and neighbor whom has fibromyalgia and other ailments and it works great for her.Glad you found something as well .Cheers!!

  6. hey I was wonder if u new the process to get my card I know I will qualify have few things that I could benefit from using the herb ether process from the place in London or Hamilton that u told me about before email is hemp_knight_69@Hotmail.Com u can email or let me know on here if you know of the process or if toy know of someone that could let me know of it

  7. Hey Mudflap check out a web site Herbaldispatch.com On line delivery dispensary out of Vancouver They have a great selection of MJ creams and everything else… Another you tube channel I was watching had a commerical for this place. I ordered the Indica Sample Pack and the Sativa Sample Pack and a gram of Cherry Oil and some of the MJ Pain Cream.. I hoping my package from CE comes Monday Whitecastle shatter and Rockstar Bud… And I have 3 strains coming from my LP Canntrust.. Cheers BubbaLou

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