1. I became the social media promoter for MyKannabis, an upcoming Canadian monthly subscription box, for adult smokers, similar to Hemper and Daily High Club. There's an exclusive mystery box to win, but if by June 1st, MyKannabis have 420 friends or more on FB, He will offer not 1 but 2 boxes! The contest is for 18-19+ canadians ONLY.

  2. its all part of the adjenda they are making u sell out if ur(highly) skilled in the cannabis industry knowing the know is a nono if ur not selling out so im now selling out my skillz to the lps because we are seen as rouge and dangerous to legalization the police in southern ontario were given 250 000 000 to fight illegal non lp cannabis so im sorry boyz but im to in love with our plant and i wanna work in the industry to make a difference check the lpz integrity and making change from the inside

  3. On a lighter note. If you haven’t experienced these episodes on 2x speed you should give it a try lol. The 420 count down is so hyped when it’s fast haha

  4. So I’ve been thinking. With all the legalization talk ect how can we get the cannabis community and these large producers to work together? Like I would like to ask Neil what the Lp’s could do differently to better serve people. I understand they may not like each other but it’s a way for people to adapt to all the upcoming regulations.(hopefully saving a need for clogged courts ect)

  5. So who is going to drive around first with some nice smelly skunk to prove we can drive around with it and not be impaired? Are we still going to be searched every time a cop smells cannabis?

  6. Yeah ok, so there was some damage. The parks are for the public to use. Just because we are considered second class citizens does not keep us from using public facilities, especially when we are inclusive of every adult who showed up.

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