1. You are continuing to dismiss depression as a real illness when you suggest that the best way to treat depression is by getting at the cause of it. People with depression (including me) most often times have tried and continue with different treatments that include talk therapy, CBT, breathing techniques, EMDR, removing stressors, ETC with no success. Cannabis is just another tool for some people. People with depression should not be told that is okay for them to endure depression and wait to see if it gets better when doesn’t!
    Another example of “Ignorance runs deep”

  2. I´m from Sweden and I used medicianal weed to cure my PTSD. It´s illegal here, so I had to grow it in by basement. I got a good payed job today and feeling almost ok thanks to the cannabis thing..

  3. I have been depressed for the past 6 months I am just now coming out of it. I created a website to be a hub of insight, tools and to help bring people together to share stories. But while I figure out how to build the website I am giving away a free ebook called GoodBye Depression. BehappyBeatDepression.com

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