1. Sir you have to provide more information on what kind of strains your patients consumed and how much grams they were taking to come to your own conclusions. Because there are not that much edvience out there to back up what your saying . There are strains out there that doctors prescribe to help treat hypothyroidism. And other doctors explained that they have no idea if it helps or not, so I don't know if I can trust your information to be quite honest.

  2. I like how the boomer is posting articles from when he actually could use his reproductive organs.
    theirs new data out there. You choose small grouped and oddly controlled citations. Back to school with you.

  3. After studying a long term cannabis user, this all makes sense now. The good benefits of Marjuana come to those who use a it sparingly. If you use it regularly then everything Dr. Raj stated is true and I have noticed spike in cortisol for years.

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