Cannabis News – The Bernie Plan | Ep. 519 | 10-31-2019

Joe Klare discusses Bernie Sanders’ plan to legalize cannabis, better days coming for California and a marijuana-infused Halloween candy bust. 10-31-19 – Ep.


  1. Bernie's plan basically sucks. He wants to incentivize pot businesses to be nonprofit but wants all the profits to go to communities of color. This is idiotic and inconsistent at best. We need to rescue pot from legalization at this point and demand organic product that does not require testing, and home grow with no limits number 2. The rest will have to be revisited in depth. I agree with Joe, however: it's just another industry. Home grow should be available for those who can't afford the outrageous $300/oz.

  2. I have no problem with the big tobacco getting into the cannabis game. What I might have a problem with is if they use their already huge finances in order to rake the cannabis industry so that mom and pop grower/ sellers get cut out of the market. Which is more than likely what will end up happening. Is the best investment Corporation can never make is buying a politician.

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