Cannabis operation in Kremnos raided by police | 7NEWS

Six people have been charged after police seized $17 million worth of cannabis at a property in Kremnos. During a raid investigators seized about 5200 …


  1. You don't see people who smoke weed going off their heads and hurting people, but people that drink alcohol and do all them hard drugs do. Alcohol and hard drugs turns Lambs into Lions.

  2. Yet Qld has a govt run cannabis dispensary on the Gold Coast??? Meanwhile meth flows freely on the streets sold by African gangs. FAIL. So the ex cop and his wife in Sydney are only ones with a grow licence? Haslam. What you're doing now comes under duty of care. So cops can grow weed but we can't? WHERE IS WILLIAM TYRRELL BTW???

  3. That's not a crime scene! Such disgust! Lets think about arresting the real criminals letting people die every year from harmful things and making money of more than 1e+ 12 (e=0 so 12 0's globally from cannabis being illegal when we think about the other uses of cannabis from rope, twine, building material, fuel, cars, agricultural uses, animal feed/bedding we see the real reason for criminalisation and it's wicked!

  4. The New South Wales police force are complete Keystone Cops.
    The culprits are those dealing in ice cocaine amphetamines.
    Just wasting police resources and money again those blokes will get off with a rap over the knuckles

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