Canopy Growth Corp (TSE:WEED | NYSE:CGC) CEO Bruce Linton on New York State Hemp License

Canopy Growth Corp (TSE:WEED) (NYSE:CGC) (FRA:11L1) CEO Bruce Linton joins James West for a wide-ranging discussion on the cannabis industry. Linton …


  1. Trudeau's policies have affected all provinces in negative ways as well, and one policy has affected many thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) directly and profoundly. I'm referring to people who live near the ever-growing number of marijuana grow-ops that have launched since recreational pot has been made legal. Not a lot of thought or laws were put into place to ensure that people's homes are not assaulted by the putrid acrid smell which is the by-product of a grow-op. I have the most unfortunate situation in that I live maybe 500 feet from Ontario's largest grow-op, which is increasing right now to 1 MILLION sq. ft. in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Tweed Farms (Canopy Growth on the TSX). The smell is becoming more regular (as their crop increases, their days in which at least some plants are flowering is increasing). As they grow to their full capacity this problem will become worse, and it's already a horrible thing. The construction to this new size is well on it's way, likely almost completed. I bought my home in 2004 as a Bed and Breakfast and operated it for a number of years. I've retired now. I've put a ton of money into this home renovating with the intent to sell. All of my money is into this home. I am a 66 year old woman. This money was for my retirement. The house went up for sale in November. On the agent's open house the neighbourhood stunk to high heavens. (I had previously sent them an email and said this was my greatest fear.) Great, now the agent's know. One agent loudly stated that she would not bring any clients, and she would tell anybody who would listen. I did manage to get a few showings, and on two of those showings the smell was strong. The word is spreading and there have been NO showings recently. The house is more than beautiful, with interior design quality. So, now I cannot sell my house. Many communications, by me and other neighbours, have resulted in NOTHING. Poor excuses, including "well, the wind was coming your way that day", and "well, the plants are flowering". The excuses do nothing, my life is impacted in a horrible way. Some days the smell comes right inside my home. Some days I can literally taste it. Trudeau's government opened a can of worms by allowing these grow-ops to come in as "agriculture" (when they are really big factories). These should NEVER have been allowed where homes are nearby. I understand from my research that some people are impacted by a private "personal use" grower in their neighbourhood with four legal plants. Imagine then what it is like for those of us unfortunate to live near a corporate marijuana monster. These corporations are purchasing existing greenhouses (yes, where our vegetables were previously grown), and changing them to pot growers. Tweed Farms actually purchased a flower greenhouse and a green pepper greenhouse (two companies that were side-by-side). This smell gives me headaches and nausea (sometimes to the point of wretching). People with asthma are affected. People with compromised immune systems are affected. Babies are affected. Yet, it is not regulated. My home was being marketed as a potential Bed and Breakfast (as it was before). But this could not now operate in this location. Imagine the TripAdvisor reviews? Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and realizing a horrible smell is in your bedroom. The first time this happened I thought a skunk was INSIDE my house, and went looking for it. Other neighbours have done the same thing. Imagine having a corporation down the street from you who doesn't care, not even a bit. Imagine having security guards up and down your street. The community mailbox sits on their property, and I've been asked "what are you doing here?" while getting my mail. Thank you Justin Trudeau for thinking this through. So that people can enjoy recreational pot you've profoundly affected the lives and the livelihoods of many people. I need to sell my home, this is my retirement money (I was self-employed, my money is in my home). I bought a rural residential home in paradise, and now I'm living in hell. I have approached them with the idea that they could buy my home (at fair market value). Not interested. And, it actually would work for them. As a B&B there are four executive level, done up to the nines rooms. They could put visitors and visiting execs. there and save on hotel costs. The rest of the home I had previously rented to students. 7 bedrooms that they could put workers in (some who are international, don't drive, and as there is no public transit here, they have to carpool in….these guys could walk to work in one minute). An accountant could write this off nicely. They are not interested. I do not begrudge companies making a good profit….but not on the backs of others who pay the price so they can succeed. I've hated Justin Trudeau for some time, unrelated to this pot issue. But this is up and personal in my face, and I am beyond furious. Not sleeping, angry, depressed…and all I see in my future now is protesting, fighting, legal bills (I cannot afford)….just so people can smoke pot. My property value has plummeted. It might be unsellable at any cost? And I am one of a great number of people who are watching their life savings disappear right before our eyes. It is so wrong.

    My neighbour has let me down. My country has let me down.

  2. RE: CBD. There are currently no established "quality outcomes". Levels mg/g are not absolute positive qualifiers as other considerations, such as decarboxylation, carrier materials, etc. have possible impacts on effectiveness. The market is still the wild West which is exciting, but it won't grow in profitable strength until some professional / scientific maturity begins developing. Investment in R&D? The Japanese have the tech, why not partner at the level of material research?

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