CBD Gummies That Actually Work?

I don’t feel like any CBD gummies i’ve ever tried have worked… but I may have met my match! It’s been a rough week for me with my GP, so these …


  1. You should check out CBD Hemp Buds if you haven't. I completely stopped all regular THC Cannabis after 6 years of daily use and now exclusively smoke Hemp (which is basically just Cannabis with less than 0.3% THC. I love it.

  2. I have been going through some major bouts of nausea and vomiting and something told me to click on this vid and just you describing your “gp” attack makes me wonder if maybe you are experiencing CHS. Let me know please if you have heard from doctors about this because I need help myself. I have been using concentrates for depression for about a year and a half straight and have dabbed daily. Recently I have developed these insane bouts of severe nausea/vomiting. The doctors dont really know what’s going on, but they have instructed me to stop ingesting any cannabinoids period. I am going to try this to see if my symptoms improve, but i would appreciate some of your own feedback from your experience

  3. Hey Josh! loved the review! We are about to roll out our special edition Nomadic Gentleman USA Flag 100% organic, unbleached hemp rolling papers. We use a vegan base for the ink making our rolling papers 100% vegan! Our king size rolling papers come with filter tips for each flag rolling paper.

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  4. cbddistillery is a great reputable denver companies and their CBD isolate gunmmies and isolate dabs and full spectrum pills work great for my sinus headaches. (they are vegan also) empire wellness is another denver company. they both always have their test results on their sites

  5. Josh? Is this you? What???? Josh… I remember when I used to watch your vids all the time… but then one day… you disappeared…. like your channel wasn’t existent… and literally 5 minutes ago I was watching erik khan or whatever his name is and decided to look up strain central to see if you came back and here you are??? What???

  6. Awesome I didnt think cbd did that much for nausea cuz I puke a lot. Have bad stomach problems ulcers everything. If cbd helped that much I need to check into it how about anxiety? Does it actually help with anxiety like people say? But anyway I'm glad you're feeling better and found something that will help you thank you for sharing it with us. I hope you continue to feel better my prayers are with you 🙏 and cheers to you or here with some edibles and some gummies myself LOL And brownies

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