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CBD Oil Dosage Guide. Cannabidiol Dosing: How Much CBD Oil To Take For Anxiety, Pain, Sleep & Other Conditions. The Best Dose To Use For Stress, …


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  2. I was diagnosed with a rare disease called lance adams syndrome (LAS) last year. I suffered from an athsma attack and went into a coma for 2 weeks. Thank god i woke back up but now i suffer from that syndrome wich now i can not walk im in a wheelchair because my nerves seem to make my ankle twist in so ill fall. It also gave me severe anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures. I used the CBD oil and it did seem to work pretty good but im not sure on how to use because i believe im taking to many pills a day i take 16. So i want to hopefully cut back because its to many pills and they say since its such a rare condition the have no cure yet so they are trying to find one so i basically feel like their guinea pig trying medicine for them. But the CBD seem to help me out alot more i felt much better but i just dont know what dosage and every when to take it? Also the vapes do help me when on the go but i also dont kno how many mg i should get wich brands will actually help me nd also if there is different types of CBD vapes because i see some that say anxiety, sleep, endurance and so on does that mean it's specifically for that?

  3. Hi I am experiencing both anxiety and waking in the night and find it hard to get back to sleep. I am using a brand https://pluscbdoil.com/. Listening to your video about taking too much for anxiety. So how do I manage both. I started out two weeks ago using 2 sprays. Hemp oil 12 mg. I was told to start out slow. It wasn't managing anxiety or getting back to sleep. My chiropractor recommend I increase what I was taking. I am now using 15 drops (I/2 dropper) Hemp oil 40 mg. Used this for two days. It is working for the anxiety but getting back to sleep is slow. I take this dosage before going to bed (I am usually able to fall asleep without any assistance). Then again when I wake in the night around 2:00 or 3:00. In the morning I have anxiety again and I take another dose using 15 drops (I/2 dropper) Hemp oil 40 mg. I took another yesterday afternoon of 2 sprays. Hemp oil 12 mg. I am clearly confused about what I am doing. How would you recommend how I proceed? Anxiety is new to me and I am thinking the lack of good sleep has caused this. My chiropractor says it is caused in my case by a virus. Many sites say you can use as needed. Many thanks for your help! Anne

  4. Hey, i have ptsd i'm getting a prescription oil, 10ml 25%cbd and 27%thc (5~7 drops a day). until a couple of weeks ego every thing was good but now i suffer from anxiety and and nightmares.the nearest appointment to my doctor is 4 months from now, any suggestions on what should i do?

  5. I have HNPP its a nueropothy issue where my hands and other body parts expierence pain mostly all day and I get numbness because it is easy to compress nerves with my HNPP I want to vape as it is more convient for me I know you said 10-40mg for pain my pain is more than mild and can worsen through the day and also go away just like that also I want to be able to vape it all day because I like vaping and want to get stray away from nicotine which i am currently using for my pain and since hnpp has no cure I want my nerves to be able to rest while a sleep and through out the day so i do not damage them as bad what do you recommend for a 30ml bottle of cbd I also have a federal job so i can not have any thc in my juice I used to use a 350mg cbd tincture and would occasionly vape that i know it was defently not for vaping it was so thick but with the 350mg when I used it I didnt really experience much to be honest it just calmed my body and made me more melow, I used to work at a vape store and we had all types of cbd herb,gummies,tinctures,vape juices, blunts, and more and i tried all of them the cbd blunt made me feel a little high but it worked the best with my back pain at the time. and we had everything up to 1500mg vape juices which I tried and those really didnt have any effect which now I know from you that higher cbd doesnt always mean better I just always thought it was better the higher you go because thats how it works with nicotine,alcohol, and so on. so what would you recommend for my neuropathy pain?

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  7. My insomnia symptoms are that I wake up in the middle of the night rather than when I go to bed. Should I take the CBD oil when I wake in the middle of the night instead of (or in addition to) at bedtime? Any suggestions on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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