CBD Oil for Anxiety Attacks! My Personal Experience.

Welcome. Here you will find all you need to know about CBD oil. Where can I get the BEST Quality CBD oil? I use this CBDPure. 600mg is the strongest and that …


  1. will this help with everyday general / social anxiety? more importantly with the hand and body shaking/shivering, sweating, voice tremors. etc ? i Cant do this much longer, its embarrassing

  2. If used for anxiety it would be taken chronically. My question is if You take a full dropper everyday how long would a 30ml bottle last. Probably a week right? How is that affordable as a long term choice?

    At least prescriptions are subsidised by health care. CBD must burn a hole in your pocket financially?

  3. I also suffer from GAD for about 14 years. Since then, Ive been under medication. It really helped at first and I tried to withdraw little by little, but I got a anxiety crisis plus depressed because of some personal reasons. Fortunately, I'm better now but Ive decided to lower my doses and maybe look for another options that can helps my anxiety. So I was wondered if I really need to withdraw my meds completelt before I try CBD? Or should I at least be on lower doses or skip some days so I can take CBD and see a difference?.. I don't want to consult my doctor because i know what they are going to say about the medical cannabis. Im looking forward to relying on CBD only for my condition.

  4. Hello Tomasz , you have Polish name , I'm Polish and came to USA 21 years ago and for 20 years I have severe an anxiety disorder and panic attacks, have been on all different kinds of meds ….they don't help me anymore so I try CBD OIL. I try CBD Plus , then CBD Charlotte's and now I have CBD MD …none of them have helped me…I m desperate to find CBD that will work for me…Please help me find the right one..Anna

  5. Do you use it concurrently with keto diet? I'm asking, because I've tried Charlotte's Web CBD oil 9mg, the one you recommend has 10mg, and this oil did nothing for me, didn't reduce my anxiety. Maybe I would have to double dose, but $150 just per month just for CBD (I take other supplements too) is way too much for me.

  6. I just tried mine tonight for the first time, I've been staring at the bottle for months. I had anxiety so bad tonight I was vomitting and crying. It helped within seconds and now I feel so much better and I don't want to go to bed! I've had anxiety 30 years, I'm now 40. Weaning from medications which made me very sick and want all natural. Hope this works long term!

  7. weed gives me less anxiety. I have high anxiety. What makes me function or helps is taking adderall. It helps me deal with having constant anxiety. Weed also calms me down by reducing my anxiety… to an extent. I guess I'm asking, if weed barely gives me less anxiety, am I to expect this will be like drinking water?

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  9. i have generalized anxiety/panic disorders drs will only give me ssri that will take weeks to work amd even cause more damage then help im honestly very tired. i need quick relief to ne able to go about by day i think i will try this…. is it addictive? does it make u nauseated (phobia of throwing up) please let me know

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