CBD OIL Is it OK for Christians to use? Click to find out!

We discuss the topic of is it okay for Christians to use CBD oil in this video!


  1. Dont be deceived, there IS THC in it.. just low amounts. And it may not get you HIGH but it definitely makes way for Satan to target you in your mind because it does alter your perception! Say you're watching television while under it's influence. Whatever is going on within TV land CAN and MAY effect the ones who are weaker in the faith. Television promotes so many secular things, ideas, approaches to life. If you are under this influence of CBD.. it may steer your ship in relation to your walk by faith. I've messed with it many times and I've found it usually leads me back to wanting to do it again because I get bored with reality. Then, while using CBD my mind transitions ever so slightly to the point where I become a slight bit lazy and I think more detailed about things. I believe (my personal opinion on all of this) that if you can't live sober with God trying to live with Him under the influence of CBD is much worst. Satan will deceive us that much easier. It takes one to know one. I've lived the high life. I used to smoke marijuana before giving my life fully over to God. When I messed around with CBD it brought back to my attention the many ways the mind can be influenced by thoughts and CBD will alter your thoughts. Consider you are out and about with your friends as a Christian. You take CBD. Next thing you know you are feeling influenced by their behaviors because you are not sober. Your mind is pushing forth thoughts that are less controllable and your friends are going full swing in with a fleshly approach to living.. well.. guess what.. you may likely find yourself trapped. Sounds lame? been through it many times! I personally think CBD oil is good for people who absolutely need it. Who are in pain that CBD oil can help. The reality is though that most of us don't really need it.

  2. I came because I have stress in my life and its caused severe physical difficulties. I ended up in the hospital twice . its awful and I wanted to start using it just to relax me, without the thc. I don't want to get high just relax they put me on antidepressants and I dont want to take them and get addicted to them. And I agree, its a plant and theres no thc . I don't see a problem with it.

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