Celebrities Read Texts from Their Moms

Mothers do so much for us. They give birth to us, nourish us, and they also text us. Sometimes a lot. So as a tribute to the women who send us love with their …


  1. Wow, what is it about the video quality of these vids on this channel?? Are they shot in UHD or posted differently? I have never seen such consistently good quality on any other videos on YT.

  2. Not trying to stick up for Kris, but let’s get some things straight.
    1. Kim decided to let her boyfriend film her
    2. Her boyfriend put the tape out there
    3. Kris helped broker the deal after her daughter had been exposed on tape already. She was getting her daughter paid for her pain and suffering. Would it have been better for Kim to have suffered the embarrassment for free so that the world could say “poor Kim” like they did when Paris Video came out? Btw, did Paris get paid for her leaked video? Anyway, tired of hearing this narrative of her pimping her daughters…….

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