Cheapest Weed on the OCS? – Royal Highness by Good Supply Weed Review (19+ to view)

Hello friends, and welcome to my review of one of the cheapest cannabis strains on the OCS: Royal Highness by Good Supply. Watch the whole video to see …


  1. I just tried it got 2 bags. It's super fresh one bag smelled like passion fruit the other like berry citrus fruit punch. Both of mine were over yours. 1 is 23% and the other is 25% they go up to 27% now. The flavor is insane, perfectly cured and delicious. This is what We were promised cheaper and better then the street. That's the only way to get it from the street market. I have a huge tolerance and the buds I have. Is seems to have had a very long proper cure. The buds are beautiful covered in tricombs and beautifully trimmed the batch available Dec 22 2019 is incredible. Get the currier service no canada post to damage the product. I think you should try this new batch it's super well cured. And beautiful just wow šŸ™‚

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