1. thanks to Preckwinkle for re describing the crime situation : there's no need for you to tell us what you would do about it: thanks to Phil Ponce for changing the subject from violent and property crime to white collar crime before Preckwinkle had a chance to give her crime strategy: as usual this shows that Chicago is the  city that doesn't work

  2. Toni Preckwinkle a reformer ?  Toni Preckwinkle with some help from Alderman Ed Burke slated all these Judicial (hand-picked by the insiders) Judges to pass judgment on people.The judge who gave Jason Van Dyke pretty much no time in jail (he will be out in three years) The same judge who gave those three Jackals who covered for Jason Van Dyke got cut loose.Toni Preckwinkle a reformer ? ! don't make me laugh.

  3. Love how Willie Wilson Talks. I'd love to have him mayor if i could hear him talk everyday behind a podium. This is a classy classy joint. i love the opening no sound overhead shot too. classsssyy

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