1. Nice work. Like the original novel at its center, a tale of the pain, guilt, and difficulty moving on, left for those who lose someone they loved dearly, especially at a young age.

  2. your movies are all about fcking ? I see my dog doing it every day. may be it is time for you to understand that human is NOT ABOUT ANIMAL INSTINCTS! and motion picture is a FORM OF ART. sick of your garbage

  3. It's so cute seeing them together here & in The cat and the moon, I wish they dated irl.. kinda reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet 🀣❀

  4. An endearing and thoughtful movie, which is beautiful in its simplicity and charm. For those who enjoy a slower-paced story and a look back into youth and idealism, the story's protagonist Jamie embarks on a search which takes him on a journey of self-reflection and identity. Well-acted with beautiful scenery and gentle pacing, this film has a lot of heart shown through the actors.

  5. Wonderful movie. Exquisite acting and cinematography. It's not a picture-perfect time capsule (a modern single-wide mobile home trailer was shown, a modern Yukon was shown in the background, etc.) but those errors aside, it's fantastic. Alex Wolff and Stefania Owen put on incredible performances. I'll definitely watch it again.

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