'Conversation with the Candidate' with Bill Weld: Online exclusive

Republican Bill Weld, who is considering a run for president, joins Adam Sexton for the latest installment of the “Conversation with the Candidate” series. In this …


  1. He does his homework and is honest on what he knows or does not. He did a good job on MA as a Governor , cleaned up the mess on Welfare made by Dukakis. He is known to be a tightwad. Probably what the Country needs.

  2. As a usually democratic voter I would vote for this guy in a heartbeat. He has some really good idea on a lot of issues we can't seem to work out with trump in office, including our constitutional rights as a free people. Democratic candidates have lost thier frcking minds and trump is a total POS. I am on with Weld. He makes sense.

  3. Trump must not be allowed a second term in office! Period. Angry Americans made it possible for a Donald trump, in 2020 this horrible,very discriminant, so disrespectful administration will come to an END!!!

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