Daily Mail today curing cancer with only RSO and CBD

I’m in the Daily Mail today for curing my cancer but the men seem to think my looks mean I don’t know what I’m doing so this video is my statement that this about …


  1. Lol who said feminists hate playmates? Every feminist I've seen pushes the idea that we should support sex workers in general. It's a mixed bag. But, anyway, I'm happy to see your cancer is being maintained without the traditional route. It gives hope that others diagnosed with this horrible disease can have long happy lives.

  2. Young ms i find you beautiful young lady and extremely intelligent sadly, people seek to build up their egos, by insulting others. But young lady you are a beautiful human never forget that, MAY GOD BLESS YOU

  3. i also have an "inoperable" with a diffuse brain tumor grade II-III. (astrocytoma). i started joe tipping protocol. with CBD. my father is helping me divide 4.5 mg (999) in six capsules (165mg).

    I was diagnose in 2012. I ended up with a standard medication (diplexil+clonozepam) and worked to make me sleep.

    I was unable to sleep more than 15min per day during months and almost die..

    My parents are now helping me bought Feben from uk vet and other supplements because im in Portugal.
    The brain tumour is settled in mesial temporal bone and was difficult to diagnose and inoperable.

    big companies are now starting to produce CBD to export and its still illegal to consume here.

    I also subscribe long time http://btcocktails.blogspot.com/ (brain tumor cocktails) for supplements.

    thank you for sharing and give your face

  4. Kerri forget about those people! You are inspiring many people , i am one of them , after reading your story i am inspired from you ! Be strong and keep fighting. Please share your story and open go fundme account so people who support you can chip in whatever they can . Thank you

  5. Why you let stupid comments , no one can understand until he facing with cancer…
    You look great 👍
    I wish I could speak so nice like you for more then 5 minutes
    Your brain 🧠 function perfectly

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