Dank Supply – Seattle Hempfest Lawsuit – Cannabis News – June 7, 2019

Seattle Hempfest has lawsuit – Dank Supply is a concept for a hemp company Tom has been kicking around. The important thing is, legalization is happening …


  1. I'm following your advice given…I will use "courage". I'm attending a "town hall" meeting in Sioux Falls that is lead by "New Approach South Dakota"…I've been voraciously searching the internet for anything I can be a part of in helping to legalize cannabis in our state. If I can't smoke it for my PTSD in this state then I'm going to fight it legally any way I can. I'm going to live up to my name's defintion: maiden warrior. By doing this I also found others I know, who I had no clue, were for the legalization. Funny what we learn when we stand up for ourselves…we're not alone…by any means. 😀

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