Dank Vape Reviews: Drip oil and extract premium distillate award winning vape cartridge

This is a review on drip oils and extracts award winning vape cartridge. This is a solvent free distillate.


  1. I just found a full one of these in my apartment complex on the ground in the parking lot fired it up an it's dank lol just in time my boy is blasting sum nugs atm so I got no shatter or crumble!

  2. hey man i just got a Drip Oils and Extracts empy tank and syringe but can't transer the oil from the syringe to the tank. thc oil seems to be too thick and i dont wanna waste it. any tips?

  3. Yo my bad I'm back at you again brother another question I forgot to ask you how's the distillate is the distillate of full cartridge or does it got air bubbles in it does it look like for what you paying it's a full cartridge like a Timeless cartridge MPX behalf a cartridge you feel me so how's the distillate is it a full 500 mg cartridge on the drip

  4. You Danks what's good hommiee, just an opinion for your brother I know the side you smoking the trip I don't really care too much about the French tip I like the timing switch is Barrel or pure Earth but by any chance out of drip and not a Timeless which one would you go with Remember You Blue Timeless with implode on the Tahoe OG and that blow your brains out so what you think holla

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