DANK VAPES Review (2019) Green Crack

For viewers over the Age 21+.. Content not INTENDED for MINORS. Medical use only. This Cart literally gave me a high very much needed.. Not disappointed at …


  1. I'm out in Cincinnati and I've had both bad and good of the dank vapes like you're talking about. The bad ones are just super flavorful, no weed taste and dont really get you high. The good ones are the ones you're talking about now how they actually have a true bud flavor. So I honestly think some of the bigger suppliers are diluting some big batches and doubling profit.

  2. some quick love for you brother but I have some quick knowledge about the smart carts. I know that this is what you do and you review different strains and types of carts but if you are doing it for personal use and not for a video I would not buy smart carts there is a video going around of a smart cart that has .25 oil in the tank cart part of it but then they put the mouthpiece and coil on and it filled the cart 75% then they screwed the top on and the mouth piece screwed down so far it looked like a full cart. Much love keep up the work brother.

  3. dank vapes literally only has an instagram, no website or anything else. they claim to be unpurchaseable too! dank vapes are literally a black market way of medication and the ccell cart has nothing to do with the oil, all of your dank vapes tops have been pulled off and people have filled them with their own shit, the ccells can be purchased and you can order the tips to push on once filled. whats your opinion?

  4. Just to let you know you got another fake Dank cartridge that thing is cloudy and another thing real dank cartridges does not have a white ring on the bottom it should be a clear ring it might get you high but you are not smoking real I don't know what you're smoking

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