Dean Wilson Explains Ignite CBD Deal

Dean Wilson grabbed a lot of attention when he revealed his new sponsor, Ignite, but what is that exactly? How did he get linked up with the outside sponsor?


  1. CBD&thc is gods gift legalization nationwide u shouldnt have to worry about a piss test for pot. these athletes endure alot of pain keep them off opiates and pharmaceuticals

  2. it's just a stupid commercial, he has to make a living so he would push any brand of toilet paper if they paid him, " like this ASS WIPPIE brands make me awesome a better rider because my anus is not like chappy on my seat like it's better for faster like rad lap times, etc, etc………………….."

  3. Never knew Dean has anxiety.. I myself have been battling it with the past 2years with no treatment just exercise and riding my Mx bike helps but it got bad so I'm now on medication only on my 4th day.. if it doesn't work ill be giving cbd a go ! Best of luck for the year ahead Dean!

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