Dill 101-Quick Tips and Ideas For Using Dill Weed and Seeds

This video covers a number of quick tips and ideas for using dill weed or leaves and dill seeds. To see my complete notes on Dill 101 – The Basics, please visit …


  1. This was a very timely video. We have several family members who could currently benefit from the medicinal attributes of dill! After watching, I searched for the medicinal uses, and Mercola had this to offer:

    β€œDill is one of the ancient herbs of the Bible, and is mentioned in 5,000-year-old Egyptian manuscripts regarding its medicinal use. A few teaspoons in a cup of boiling water was used as a tea to soothe infants with colic, to calm nerves, soothe upset stomachs, and promote sleep. Chewing the seeds has been used as a breath freshener, to ease menstrual pain, and increase milk flow in nursing mothers.”

    I’ve put both seeds and weed on my shopping list 😊

    Oh! I would love it if you filmed with a mic instead of relying on the built-in one on your device. It is so hard to understand what you’re saying πŸ˜•. A decent mic would make all the difference.

    As always, your presentations are inspiring. Thanks, Judi! ☺️

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