DMT – Everything You Need to Know – ( The Experience | Trip Report | Science | Spirituality )

What DMT feels like… Learn EVERYTHING you need to know, from the experience, trip report, science, myths, law, safety and much more… DMT or …


  1. i believe one should not climb the fence until the GATE KEEPER has first opened the gate for them and called them by name Christ Jesus is the Gate and no one cometh to the FATHER but by him. Back in May 2018 i had been watching a move about Christ Jesus and at the end of it there was a wonderful prayer and i said the prayer and i spoke from the hart and was crying and repenting of my sin’s and the GATE KEEPER opened the gate for me and called me by name.

  2. After reading so many comments on peoples experiences taking DMT it really does not sound all that fun to me lol. Sounds more like a dare you to do this game. I Like popping a hit of Acid once in a blue moon cause it makes me feel so damn good and makes everything seem very funny. Even E makes me feel that way too. But this DMT just sounds way too intense to even enjoy. I don't like Not being in control of myself so if I'm gonna feel like I'm Blasting through outer space and leaving my body like I was dying than that's not my definition of a Good Time lol. But my Brother is making this stuff as I sit here typing and is gonna basically force me in to trying it with him so I guess I'm screwed either way. Hope it don't last longer than 10 Minutes.

  3. Most of you say " can be frightening or terrifying yet beautiful experience that'll change a person's mindset over reality & life itself" so i wanna know what exactly is terrifying/ frightening experience do you guys mean ? What happens during that period of feeling ?

  4. This video mentions that, often, the experience seems unrelated to the personality or interests of the user. I find that every time I gather the nerve for one of these journeys there seems to be a recurring theme centered around: exquisite interiors, outlandish architecture, and hyper-futurism. Also, I find that the magik weaves imagery I have picked up on throughout the day. For example: seeing friends dancing within the kolidascopic visions after having spent time with them earlier, dancing.

  5. How do we not know that the dmt our brains make and release is what gives us this reality we live in and see day to day how do we not know it's what gives this reality color and what we see in this reality

  6. Thanks Daniel for this factual honest video .We all have choice on our own explorations of ourselves and our consciousness. I am sure this video will explain to many any personal risks and benefits of making the discovery of this fascinating experience.

  7. Keep in mind: people die after experience ayahuasca. May be only after the first time. My daughter took ayahuasca 13 times in 3 year and committed suicide at her 21, 2 month ago. Nobody understands her act. She was active traveller, preparing to be yoga teachers, had a lot of friends all over the world, vegan and beautiful smart girl. No drugs found in her blood. I think her psycho was adjusted during all these ceremonies (she took also iboga and kambo) such a way that other world was very desirable for her, or some voices demand her to commit this crime against herself and all the family, because it is WE who suffer now. I am searching answers…………….

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