Does Store Bought Weed Killer Work? // With RESULTS // Florida Pusley vs Dayflower

Florida pusley and dayflower could be getting confused so I show you how to get rid of both while also showing you that store bought weed control actually does …


  1. According to University of Florida.
    2,4-D = Safe for Floratam (will stress it a little).
    2,4-D + "Mecoprop" = Not safe for Floratam, but safe for Palmetto (will stress it a little).
    Basically if you have Floratam (noted by purple stolons in the fall) and see the words "Mecoprop" or "MSM" (also harsh on Palmetto) on your product. Do not use it. I mention these two because they are seen in some Southern formulations that say "wont kill grass". But if you open the label it says do not use on Floratam. Always read the labels fully.

  2. You touched on a weed called "Calinga?" I have that all over my yard. did you make a video on that weed yet? I tried searching and don't see it. I live in near by Bradenton area.

  3. Hey Allyn great video as always. Orlando FL with St. Aug here. I'm going to be throwing down my Nov application of fert and N-ext products. I just threw down Dithiopyr last month with fert and N-ext products, can I throw down the sunniland on this Nov app too? or should I just stick to the Nov app you suggested in the guide and leave the next app of pre emergent for beginning of next year? Thanks for all the help and knowledge

  4. I used Spectracide concentrate and got almost no results broadcasting it with my Ortho hose end sprayer. Now I'm going to have to try a different solution with the pump sprayer.

  5. Hello Allen, In one of your videos you updated this hose sprayer by cutting of the sieve.
    I don‘t find this video anymore. Are you able to send me a link to this video? Thanks

  6. Hey Allyn, I threw down the Hi-Yield with Dithiopyr pre-emergent on Monday, and it seems to have stunted my St. Aug. I normally mow Fridays, and it doesn’t look like it needs a cut today. Could the pre-emerg have stunted it? I am in West Palm Beach, it’s been warm and rainy, but tomorrow temps are going lower for sure.

  7. I just had some forestry mulching done on my property. I have about .75 of an acre. The company told me to just let the mulch rest for a year. He’s cutter head blades weren’t that sharp which left big chucks of bark behind. Should I wait the year? Should I hire someone to come and bull dose the entire yard? What’s your or anyone’s advice?

  8. LCN, have you done or considered doing a video about a smart phone app for plant identification. For instance I've used PlantNet to identify weeds but I would welcome better suggestions. Weed identification seems so important because it affects which weed killer you buy.

  9. It’s so refreshing to see even you have weed issues. Makes me more confident that since I have issues, I’m not alone!!! Not that I’m wishing that on you…

  10. Surprised there's confusion between pusley and dayflower. The different leaf color is a big give away though even easier is pulling them out and reviewing the root structure. Pusley has a large root tuber and can sometimes be harder to pull while dayflower has fibrous roots.

  11. Allyn thanks for this. I've had pretty good luck controlling dayflower (despite general neighborly apathy towards weeds) with Atrazine here in 9B. Keep a 1 gal sprayer of it (lasts a week or so in the 'warm' season) and do a yard patrol before / after every mow.

  12. Thanks for the videos LCN, I live in Miami and my biggest problem was finding a day it wasn’t over 85 to spread the weed control. Well the weather finally got more moderate this week and maybe I can do something about my weeds and by moderate I mean it will only be a high of 82 today. Love the videos on Florida please keep them coming!

  13. Hey LCN, What kind of info do you have on using atrazine on zoysia. I noticed you didn’t mention it when talking about the weed and feed. Scott’s says Bonus S is good to use on zoysia. So is there a difference in the two?

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