Dr. Joe Q&A – Intense energy

Q&A session at the Spain Week Long Advanced Retreat The question: When I practice “the breath” during meditations, the energy is very intense and I get …


  1. At times he becomes so "in the pocket" like a jazz soloist or just in absolute tune with his listeners–to the point that I could feel the energy connection between all of us, even thought it happened at different moments in time; then again, time is relative and it happened as I participated. Wow. Connect to the "field" as he says. If that doesn't make sense, you're thinking too much. Joe is on point with "the message" better than anyone I've known before.

  2. I passed out doing the breath. Woke up shaking, face down on my desk, with a fat, bloody lip. I thought, then, that I was doing the exercise wrong. I'm glad to see that I was actually doing it right. Thank you! I'll sit on the floor next time! 🙂

  3. met someone new.
    I pray that this small interaction
    that I've had with this person
    is the start of something
    very healing
    and very deeply and significantly profound
    (for the both of us!):
    both professionally and personally.

  4. I have had a burning question since Dr. Joe found me and I have been doing this work. Does it even mater that a Neurosurgeon had to "sacrifice" my T2 nerve root in a major surgery I had 20 years ago? Is there any reason that because of that there is a physical (matter) deficiency in my nervous system? Maybe my body can grow a new one so it is complete? I know Dr Joe had a very traumatizing accident in his past. Maybe I just answered my own question – hee hee. The body can adapt or so I have heard, like the brain does when parts of it cannot do a function and other parts take over. I love doing this work and am sooooo very grateful for Dr. Joe and what he teaches! I think I will make me a new T2 nerve root!!! Thanks Dr. Joe I appreciate you!

  5. Wow. I got that release of energy from my first grounding practice. Got kinda scared but kept breathing into it and I felt incredibly powerful. So great to understand what was happening.

  6. Its a pity the workshops are only for the wealthy. I guess they are the people that need this the most. I think the less fortunate are already pretty grounded!!!

  7. Dear Joe, are you open to some constructive criticism? if so, read on…. Firstly, let me say that i love and believe in you and your work so what i'm about to say comes from a place of love and appreciation. So, here goes: You need to stop saying: "are you with me?" and "are you with me still?" because its really distracting and annoying and i feel like shaking you every time you say it! Of course we are with you Joe! We hang on every word you say because we KNOW that you KNOW what you are talking about! We have paid good money to be with you Joe! Do you keep asking that question in case we are falling asleep? Do you really think you are that boring? Are you really that insecure? Dont be! You are a TRUE healer and we all believe in you so please believe that we are always with you and if we didnt understand something in particular, we would ask a question. So please stop interrupting your self and our concentration on what you are saying by asking us if we are still with you! Just have faith that we are because, WE ARE! Love you! Ps: Thanks for saving my life!

  8. Yesterday morning I was doing the breath, at some point I experienced a sudden heat flash all over my body, my breathing became heavy, i panicked and opened my eyes because it felt like I was about to pass out. I’m gonna try to tough it out next time that happens for sure.

  9. When I close my eyes, some weird language from Pyramid appeared and I am unable to understand that weird language. It happened to me few times and trying to figure out how it can happen as I am not sure if that related to my past lives or 6th sense?

  10. I experienced intense pressure on front and back of my head also on my nose for weeks.
    I woke up early, working out, do stuff, its like i never get tired. Cant stop moving. Help 😂

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