DWC Miracle-Gro Cannabis Experiment Part:1

Hey whats up guys,I have decided to put all of the Miracle-Gro Tall Tales to the test right here on my Channel,This experiment will Document A Cannabis Grow …


  1. Happy frog works really good, learned it from a contract grow he has been growing for 25 years. He was in the top 3 percent in 2012 now he's back into it. It has all the micronutrients it needs.

  2. I’m not sure about all the science behind this video, but I can say that growing with miracle grow does work from personal experience, and pretty good. Just don’t make the mistake of getting the time released nutrient bag, it will give you serious nutrient burn during flower, due to the fact that the nutrients are slowly being released for up to 6 months!!! The plant doesn’t require the same Nutes in flower compared to Veg, so you end up over feeding and don’t even realize it till all your leaf tips are burned and curling upward. So please don’t knock MG, at least the soil. I use FF Nutes in conjunction with MG soil and my plants look amazing every time.

  3. Glad ur doing this cuz in the weed grow game Miracle-Gro is a no no but why🤔 it works for tomatoes n shit and that’s like a weed plant it veg then flower so kudos to u bro seriously. You might have changed the game 😉😎 like and subbed bruda respect ✊

  4. Bro I grew in the new organic miracle grow and my plant last grow came out really fantastic some of the best bud I’ve smoked and I grew it myself I was happy as hell 😂 lol using fox farm this go round but still miracle grow is such a big company for a reason 🤷🏻‍♂️ shit works lol

  5. Miracle-Gro has most of the same components as some hydro mixes. Add some liquid seaweed or sea grow to get a whole range of micro and trace minerals. Use the grow and bloom formulas.

  6. Hi can you help ? I’ve got 2 cheese plants, that I topped 3 weeks ago. They are in dwc, the ph and ppm is right. So is the environment. They don’t seem to be growing. I’m using GH for nutes also. Thanks for your time

  7. Cool man, I just kicked ten plants to bloom with the micacle grow bloom food, 15_30_15. This is my first time growing so I'm basically just pissin in the wind, but oh well, it is FUN

  8. You are using the Miracle-Gro product designed for growing tomatoes with an NPK of 18 18 21 . You should be using Miracle-Gro All Purpose NPK 24 8 16 during the vegetative stage, and then use Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster with an NPK of 15 30 15 when it's time for blooms. Do it right then make the video.

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