1. People have been vaporizing propylene glycol in asthma inhalers since The 1950's to be able to breathe. I doubt when adding nicotine to the mix and a lttle flavor is going to make it dangerous. What is dangerous combustible tobacco which has killed more people then all wars combined. Let that sink in

  2. Nicotine cant penetrate the membrane surrounding the human brain unless chemicals are introduced. So; what does a mind with common sense come to in this conclusion? So simple a child could answer this. The one thing ive always wondered, that seems to lack study is the effects of the rolling paper used in cigarettes. I would think the pulp paper theyre made from is worse than a hemp paper would be. Due to the chemicals

  3. After 10+ years of smoking, I quit in a week with vaping.
    While nicotine is a drug and not safe to ingest, it's association with cigarettes increases the public perception of vaping as harmful by orders of magnitude more than necessary.

    Nicotine does not cause cancer. It does not cause emphysema or COPD. Pretending that nicotine atomized and ingested is somehow just as dangerous or more dangerous than inhaling cigarette smoke will ironically result in more deaths.

    "Vaping" ingredients which are sold commonly across the US consist of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine. It's essentially the "fake smoke" that you've almost certainly breathed at some point in your life, plus nicotine.

  4. The lady spokesperson sounds like another Ghislaine Maxwell.
    The biggest problem is the creation of a seemingly innocuous addiction product. Nicotine is a carcinogen. Vaping is a proxy drug delivery system . It needs to be regulated.

  5. Most people can vape without developing lung disease. Less people can smoke without developing lung disease. If you develop lung disease for any reason, its probably your own damn fault.

  6. Vaping saved my life! Improved my life quality 10 fold. Just on cost alone… (smoking = over $2500 a year. ) I make my own juice. (Vaping less than $100 a year…) I also don't wake up every morning and hack up a lung. I don't smell like cigarettes., and bother every one around me. Many more positives…

  7. Hi, I'm 21 y/o and I've smoked since I was 13. Sure I acknowledge the fact that vaping does have risk. And I'm not downplaying the risks that are involved. I vape because I have courtesy towards other people. In my observation, people prefer vape vapor than cigarettes smoke due to the smell. Plus, my vape vaporizes instantly. However, I'm also slowing my vaping. Sometimes it gets tough, but I'm trying. My opinion, yes do research on vaping effects but don't just look into vaping just for "tax purposes".

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